Photobooth Experiences at SXSW

As SXSW draws near each year, event planners start gearing up for a full-on ascent on ATX. We call it our Livestyle, here in Austin.  That magical time of year when all walks get together and create a fluid masterpiece of social art that represents the living.  It is all about the complete and utterly intoxicating passion for living in the moment, soaking in the atmosphere and walking away with more than Maxim Music Lounge SXSW Photo Boothwhen you arrived.  More knowledge, more soul, a “Livestyle” state to truly strive to live by.  Booth 66’s Livestyle definition: a manner of doing something of current or continuing interest and importance that warrants remembrance and repetition.

SXSW is without a doubt a Social Extravaganza that offers attendees a bounty of delights and Selfie gratification. The goal with our Photo Booth services at Booth 66 Austin is to give you the window back to the glory. That #ShamelessSelfie that will hang on your fridge, be posted on your wall, tweeted round the globe and worn as a badge of honor for your tour of the ATX.

So how do you Photo Booth at SXSW

Step 1– Find a Booth 66 photo booth. These little babies are everywhere. They can be a traditional enclosed photobooth or a modern open-style photo booth system. You can see them at a convention, at a pop up venue or even wild and free range in the park. No need for caution when approaching. These booths are not easily spooked and in fact welcome the ruckus!

Step 2– Step up. Don’t be shy, show your selfie and make a memory. You want these to be photos talked about. If you need, many locations will offer up props for disguising your sheepish self with an alter ego that even Bruce Wayne will be envious of.

Step 3– Push it! (push it real good). Get the good times rolling with the push of a button and snap away.  With single-pose, 4-pose and unlimited prints you can literally make more goofy faces than Jim Carey in front of a sideshow mirror.Vocus Outdoor photo booth event

Step 4– Grab it and share it. After your photo booth antics are concluded don’t forget to get your instant gratification.  With our booths we offer printing on-site as well as multiple social sharing options so you can make everyone you know super jealous that you are carpe diem at SXSW. Whether you prefer to Facebook, Tweet, email or SMS the pics, the choice is yours.

Step 5– Reflection. Long after SXSW is over you will be able revel in your fond memories and smile as you think back on all that your senses took in while in the ATX. We know that you will be hooked and make your way back.

Step 6– Repeat. Happiness should be a habit not a hobby. No we don’t profess that if you use a photo booth everyday you’ll keep the doctor away or that SXSW is the cure to your doldrums. We just hope that you can look back on your adventures and find that peace and duplicate in your own way. Start with the little things and soon they will become big things that stick with you a while life long. Try a smile and take it from there.

SXSW Photobooth

The photos you see in this blog are some of our favorites over the years. Good clients, great friends, memorable moments forever captured in pixels.